What We Do

Sharing Information

Proper planning is important for successful self-employment. From a business plan to financing to permits and insurances: We show you all the steps up to a successful online business.

Solving Challenges

E-commerce is celebrated as the most promising sales channel, which is why a number of brands are pouring their offers online. In addition to advantages, the industry also has challenges for dealers and customers.

Providing Guidance

Every month we help thousands of people with all important questions about starting an online business and everyday life as a self-employed.

We all have the same chance Online

What It Takes



The more your topic interests you, the faster and more intensely you can spark an increase in your website visitors.

Your website will reflect it in every area because you will really hang in, give everything and get the most out of your topic.



Structure in the sense of a structured workflow and an actual order in your data is not easy to implement.
A structured workflow helps you complete repetitive tasks in a fixed and adequate order.

Later, when your online business grows and your website also needs to expand, you need a workflow and routines to not sink into chaos and work more than ever before.



In Greek it means "real", in Latin "reliable". It is exactly the opposite of "forgery" and "deception".

It's like body language: If it's fake, doesn't match what you're saying and how you're saying it, you will be exposed.

The user who becomes a returning reader will notice the fake faster than you can shout "buy my product!"

Whatever you do, Focus on your customer

What We Believe In

The most successful founders are not experts on any technical or legal issues, they are experts on their customers.

A successful online business delivers added value for its customers.