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Best Online Course Platforms Of 2022

Online course platforms bring knowledge to your fingertips, and you can learn from the best in the world

With the pandemic, the importance of online courses has increased manifold, and people are increasingly moving towards online learning.

The reasons are many, but the most important might be the choice. You can select any course at any time and start right away.

There are hundreds of platforms for online learning, but you need the very best online course platforms in 2022 to put your money to the best use.

Once you have picked your niche, you can select from the list of the best online platforms based on your needs, time, and budget.

You have plenty of options for a regular course, so you can easily select the most desirable one from the list.

Our Top Choice Online Course Platforms In 2022

1# Thinkific

Build a course from scratch with practical tools and templates.

2# Udemy

Massive online learning platform but simple to use interface.

3# Podia

Offer digital downloads, online courses, memberships, and  more.

4# Mighty Networks

Combines the power of network community.

Why To Do Online Courses?

There are many benefits doing online courses.

In terms of cost, online courses are very effective. You can save the traveling expenses, boarding or lodging expenses, and other associated fees of a traditional course program.

In terms of time, you save valuable hours and spend them on practice rather than commuting.

Moreover, online courses offer a choice in taking classes on your schedule.

You don’t have to get up early in the morning or follow tight timetables. Instead, you can pick up your cell phone or laptop and take your class anytime, anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, more options are available in this review than ever before.

This enables you to start multiple courses simultaneously and complete them whenever you have some spare time.

What Are the Best Online Course Platforms?

Pay attention to the type of courses offered by each platform. Every platform has a specialty, and we’ll mention it, but you have to select it based on your needs.

For example, Skillshare is the best platform for creative skills teaching and learning.

Similarly, Udemy is much more academic and has a better reputation among online universities - although not formally accredited.

Let's start and have a look at our recommendations!

1# Thinkific

Course creation from scratch 

Thinkific helps you build a course from scratch with practical tools and templates. This means you can start building a course right away without any delays.

This enables you to save time and energy that otherwise would be spent deciding course contents, quizzes, assignments, and curriculum.


When you start with a new course, there are two parts. One is the course material, and the other is the landing page.

Thinkific offers templates to combine and optimize both these aspects to facilitate the creator and the learner

Your course interfaces are already somewhat familiar to the student with consistent templates.

What Is Thinkific Pricing? How Much Does Thinkifc Cost?

Depending on your personal needs, Thinkific offers a free, basic, pro and premier package.

Our Result - Thinkific Final Rating

Ease of Use

Course Structure




2# Udemy

Ideal for launching the first course
udemy website screenshot

Udemy is a massive online learning platform - indeed one of the pioneers of online learning - and has more course material than any other website.

The interface is simple, and knowledge is personalized, attracting many students.

This makes it an excellent platform for launching the first course for any instructor.

Although premium membership is needed to earn the certificate, the benefits are worth the subscription.

Udemy offers a complete package for course creators and learners and helps both get the most out of a course.

For a student, videos, lectures, peer discussions, and practical exercises prove an excellent way of learning.

What Is Udemy Pricing? How Much Does Udemy Cost?

Best of all, it is completely free to create and host courses. Teachers are paid based on a revenue share model. 

Isn't that great? 

You only start paying once you start making money. 

Our Result - Udemy Final Rating

Ease of Use

Course Structure




3# Podia

Digital products and subscriptions

Podia is an umbrella platform for your online courses related to digital content. You can offer digital downloads, online courses, memberships, and subscription services.

podia website screenshot

One advantage for learners as well as creators on Podia is its interface. It provides consistent themes and templates, making it easier to create multiple courses

This makes it easier for learners to navigate courses easily as well.

Another advantage of Podia is its versatile course offering. For example, you can publish your course immediately or offer it in prelaunch mode.

Moreover, you can also provide additional resources as paid digital downloads, including pdfs, eBooks, audio files, videos, guides, etc.

What Is Podia Pricing? How Much Does Podia Cost?

Podia offers three plans, which differ in various categories like selling, email marketing, custom website and many more. Check out Podia plan features.

podia pricing screenshot

Our Result - Podia Final Rating

Ease of Use

Course Structure




4# Mighty Networks

Community building approach

Mighty Networks - as the name suggests - is based on a community-building approach. It combines the power of network community building like social media with learning. 

mighty networks website screenshot

People who interact with each other under your courses bring more people in through word-of-mouth marketing, and your network keeps growing.

Mighty Networks offers a broad community of vibrant, dynamic, and commercial networks and helps grow your business through organic marketing.

MightyNetworks works best for both individual courses as well as community memberships.

Through its Activity Feed section, engagement and interaction among the learners bring everyone together. This helps both the learners and the creators.

Mighty Networks Pricing. How Much Does Mighty Networks Cost?

Mighty Networks provides three plans to their customers. You start with a free trail with no credit card required. Their most popular plan is the Business Plan. 

Mighty Netwokrs pricing overview

Our Result - Mighty Networks Final Rating

Ease of Use

Course Structure




5# Simplero

Business Management

Simplero is an incredible online course platform that facilitates online course creation and promotion.

simplero website screenshot

It’s a complete package for managing your online courses as a business. It helps you to create, launch, promote, and distribute online courses.

Moreover, you can also use it for marketing automation.

For example, its list management feature enables you to market your course efficiently and effectively.

Another reason for Simplero being one of the best online course platforms in 2022 is its customer-focused approach.

This helps creators market products, track finances, and keep customers in constant contact.

What Is Simplero Pricing? How Much Does Simplero Cost?

Like most of the other online course providers, Simplero offers as well 3 plans, starting at $59 up to $149 a month. 

simplero pricing overview

Our Result - Simplero Final Rating

Ease of Use

Course Structure




6# LearnWorlds

Best for an online school 

LearnWorlds follows a bit different approach than many other similar online course platforms. It enables creators to start an online school with multiple teachers for various courses. 

learnwords website screenshot

You can hire teachers for a class and act as an admin of your school. LearnWorlds gives you control over your institution by limiting the instructor’s options. 

While they can offer different courses under your school, they cannot start a new course independently.

LearnWorlds offers many tools to help you run your school effectively. For example, many editing tools help you present your videos or documents better.

Moreover, it enables you to build an online teacher-student community to help facilitate learning.

LearnWorlds Pricing. How Much Does LearnWorlds Cost?

One of the few platforms that offer four different plans to their customers. LearnWorlds makes it easy for beginners to just start with their lowest $24 plan. Their top-notch plan is interesting for corporations.

Our Result - LearnWorlds Final Rating

Ease of Use

Course Structure




7# Teachable

Creative Skills
As the name suggests, Teachable specializes in teaching and learning various skills. If you’re a designer, blogger, writer, or photographer, it is the best online course platform for you in 2022.
teachable website screenshot

Teachable offers an easy interface and a creative space to exhibit your knowledge and expertise online. 

Undoubtedly, for skilled professionals, Teachable is the best place to start.

If you choose Teachable, you will join more than 100,000 creators who use Teachable to share their knowledge.

You can easily create an online course or coaching business with this all-in-one platform.

Teachable Pricing. How Much Does Teachable Cost?

For creators and teachers, the platform first plan is free. The more you grow, the more you will need to pay. 

Teachable offers four different plans, starting from a free plan and going up to $249. Their most popular plan is for $99, the Pro plan.

teachable pricing overview

Our Result - Teachable Final Rating

Ease of Use

Course Structure




8# Kajabi

Automated Marketing 

Kajabi is a very good online course platform for creators too busy to market their courses.

It provides a free marketing funnel - called Pipelines - to promote launched courses.

This consists of a complete approach from emails to opt-ins and from landing page to course checkout.

Kajabi website screenshot

Kajabi’s free marketing pipeline offers three practical approaches.

The first is its landing page approach, where you get customer emails providing services like free eBooks, pdfs, cheat sheets, etc.

Once subscribed, the customer becomes aware of your courses, and you can offer them subscriptions through emails.

Kajabi Pricing. How Much Does Kajabi Cost?

Kajabi offers a 14-day trial, and once completed, customers can choose between three plans, ranging from 119$ up to 319$ a month.

Kajabi pricing overview

Kajabi Rating

Ease of Use

Course Structure




Final Thoughts And My Conclusion

Online learning has a special place in today’s education market, and the future will only enhance its place.

True that the pandemic has affected this shift, the post-pandemic world will not limit its value in any way whatsoever.

Instead, online course platforms will become more accessible and vibrant with time.

Therefore, their importance must be understood in a broader context to help facilitate the students and commercialize knowledge for the creators

For this purpose, these above best online course platforms are ideal not only in 2022 but also for the coming years.

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