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32 Passive Income Ideas That Will Make You Rich

Making money while sleeping is one of the dreams of many of us. 

But does obtain more prosperity without touching a finger work? 

These innovative passive income ideas can help you make an even more significant investment, and you can even make more cash while concentrating your free time on other things.

What Is Passive Income?

Before getting into passive income ideas that suit your lifestyle and talents, it is worthwhile to consider the meaning of passive income, as the expression can often be misspelled.

While passive income is not a magic money-making system, you can get rich without working.

Passive income can help maximize return on investment.

As the years' progress, the work is reduced, and profitability is increased. I know it sounds good!

One excellent example of passive income streams is acquiring properties for rental.

What Is NOT Passive Income?

As previously mentioned, passive income is sometimes misinterpreted as a side hustle.

While a side hustle can help boost your income stream and make money, it cannot be considered passive income.

Your income does nothing passively. 

The passive income streams you make money from can increase your income potential or help you retire early.

Your main job is passively generating money. A side hustle is often considered a passive business model because it requires attention and effort to maintain.

Examples Of What Is Not Passive Income

Several typical small business concepts don't generate passive income, like selling physical goods on Amazon or eBay.

While selling those goods happens anytime during the day without you being involved, you will need to pack and send the item once sold.

This is not a passive activity; you are actively engaged.

Same for adding new products to your shop, sourcing the market for better offers, etc. .

Even after 1-2 years, your business will not generate a passive income by itself without you being actively involved. It requires your action.

But alternative business models could also be developed out of this. E.g., transferring from selling physical products towards digital products.

In this case, all the post-selling activities could be handled automatically without you having to lift a finger. This could be then called a passive income business.

Why is Passive Income Important


How To Start Building Passive Income?

While you have plenty of passive income ideas, you should remember not all of them are perfect.

Even if you see other people making money, it isn't guaranteed for your life or career. 

So how do we make money through passive income? 

First, you have to decide what your budget is. Then, you must make a short sacrifice for the sake of the long-term objectives.

Second, in some passive income areas you are required to choose a niche. If you need some advise and ideas, read my "how to choose your niche" post.

The following steps should guide beginners on their passive income adventures.

idea plan action


1# Assess your skills

There's no point selling photographs unless you can take the picture that saves you!

A similar approach might be used when creating passive income ideas. Of course, you need to make sure the qualifications you have received are worth the effort.

But it's an excellent skill to assess your abilities, rather than simply focusing on what you can't achieve.

You must be very aware that your passion is great.

If I was to write for an investment journal, I should write about this subject in my opinion.

I should have knowledge about this industry. If I first have to learn and do the research myself, I will lose time and track of becoming a successful blogger.

2# Consider your dreams

Steve Jobs once said:"You have to work hard to get great results because you have to love what you are working for."

This is essential for choosing the right job, side hustle, or passive income opportunity. Unless you have some idea that hasn't ignited your passions, it is likely it won't come through.

Look for concepts for years. Even with a bit of time in your life, you can always take some responsibility.

3# Be realistic about your time, money, effort, and other commitments

While passive income aim at making money while we sleep, the business will not grow without effort.

You might find that making passive income involves more work than a simple job. Before taking any risks, have a realistic plan.

You might not have enough spare time to build up another profitable business. Probably you should invest a little bit or ask somebody else to take care of this.

4# Build a nest egg

If your plan doesn't pay off immediately, it'd be worth the money. It could be an excellent way to make money through passive income.

Get started by opening a savings account for a mere $100.

In some cases, the interest on the account will be counted as passive income, and you can even get cash bonuses if you open the account.

5# Find the overlap

You have to think about your weaknesses when deciding what will make your life easier and how to earn a little more by doing so.

It is easy to get into financial freedom.

How Many Passive Income Streams Should I Have?

The solution doesn't suit all people, but it will work if you are a beginner.

Avoid investing more than that for the moment; all passive income ideas have learning curves that will cause you to eat more.

Then, as your maturity varies slowly, you can expand to other parts.

Google Result on Passive Income Ideas


Best Passive Income Ideas For 2022

Some passive income ideas share one thing. For one, these are simple to do, they are also popular, and they can reach huge audiences who will buy the product.

Some passive cash opportunities require significant effort to make money. You can start slowly climbing up the ladder of income. 

What is the best way of signing up?

First, look through the list below. The list includes 32 passive income plans.

Some may be new, and some are already done. Probably one of the few would be like this: "Hmmmm... I didn't know that."

Let's Start!

1# Write an eBook

While blogging is an attractive passive income opportunity, writing books or eBooks is another excellent alternative because the author only needs to write one book.

Instead of writing blogs, share your creativity or expertise in writing and selling books or eBooks.

Every time somebody buys an ebook, you get royalty payments that will quickly add up once your target has been achieved.

Royalties in print books usually range from 25% to 40% on book pricing. EBooks also have a more significant profit with a price tag of 25 %.

Audiobooks generally receive royalty payments of around 10-25%. You have got to write good books for income.

But be careful not to expect immediate success.

The first stage of generating passive income will require some marketing.

ebook in library


2# Invest in dividend stocks 

We previously stated that those investments are NOT considered passive income sources. But if you buy stocks that give a high return to shareholders, you can make excellent profits.

Hope the value of the shares increases, so you can enjoy passive income from the dividends and earnings from your sale.

If you don't know much about stock trading, perhaps you should think about using a brokerage or even using Robo-advisors.

Keep in mind that your investments can be very risky, and you could lose money if you do not invest properly.

Dividend stocks can be an effective way to make passive money.

If you wish to receive huge dividends, you have to research thoroughly.

In fact, a consistent investment in dividend stock will provide you with a decent income over time. If you're interested in investing, open an online brokerage account and earn a lot of benefits.

I invest in eToro. eToro is an investing platform that lets you make investments and create and manage diversified portfolios.

Invest Automatically In The Stock Market

Investing passively in stocks is an alternative to investing in dividend-paid stocks. The automated investment system has been called Robo-consulting.

The Robo advisors are basically like Robo-finance advisors. Approximately 10 minutes of answering some questions are spent on the site, and the software takes care of this.

The most popular Robo-investor is Betterment. They'll do all that stuff for you.

3# Create an online course

Creating online courses which people buy multiple times is another good way to make passive income.

Sure, it takes time and effort to build the course, but once the project is done, you will post the course online with the money generated from the purchases.

There has never been a limit in online classes for any topics today.

A personal trainer could create fitness videos, cooks could launch an online cooking class. If you are knowledgeable about something, you can develop your own online courses to make a good profit.

Udemy offers video training and downloadable materials for a wide range of subjects.

Instead of consuming Udemy products or services, you can produce your own YouTube videos to sell to your friends.

It is an excellent option for someone who knows very well about one area or another. You could turn your traditional education into passive income. Beside Udemy, there are more online course platform available. Here are some of them:

Check out the Best Online Course Platforms and see which one will suit your needs.

Online Education Market to Grow by $ 247.46 Billion During 2020-2024

4# Invest in real estate

Real estate investments have been prevalent for a reason since the real estate boom days! However, real estate investments are challenging and require much work and expertise.

A real-time investment app removes many challenges and helps people find a job from their couch. If the idea of buying property is too much of an expense, then you should purchase redevelopment trusts or REITs.

This investment usually yields significant dividends and follows stock market performance.

Median home price in 2021

5# Get a high yield savings account

If you had no idea you could save money in an investment fund with a good return, you would be surprised. But they are a safe method to make your money work for you instead of the other way around.

Some high-yield accounts provide a maximum of 0.50%, without any minimum balance to be opened; some even offer cash incentives just for the opening.

Of course, you must deposit quite an actual amount in a certain amount to receive a remarkable profit, but it remains a practical choice.

A typical bank savings account has 0.06 p.y or 0.06 percent of the total annualized income of the country.

Online bank Ally offers savings interest at a percentage level with a yield of 0.55% per annum.

Therefore, the interest payouts continue to increase, and your income will increase.

6# Become a silent business partner

Other ways to make money through passive income are investing in and being a quiet partner for a business.

You give financial support to the organization, but you can leave all operations to your partner.

After investing, your profits will be regularly shared with the investors, and it will be guaranteed. These are very risky, but risks come if you have a chance of high returns. 

There are various investment platforms and agencies available. Just google "silent business partner" + "investment" and you will have massive choice available.

Angel Investment Network acts as an interface between investors and entrepreneurs. Their aim is to build long lasting and profitable relationships. Check out their latest investment opportunities.

For example, both Uber and Lyft were seeking private investors.

It will then be more profitable if it becomes publicly available through an IPO or is acquired. That is a risk. However, you can take precautions.

For example, you might lend money to a company by buying small bonds. You can finance businesses and make good money out of them!

7# Get involved in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the marketing strategy used in marketing a brand's product or services to a specific audience.

When people click on an affiliate link from our websites, we will earn a commission. You can also use affiliate advertising partnerships to make money through passive income.

For example, you may include sponsoring videos on YouTube and podcasts. You need to research and choose an affiliate company that meets your core values.

Some affiliate companies make it easier to join as a beginner, and others you need to apply to start promoting their products

You can start right away by joining FlexOffers. A recognized leader in performance-based marketing. FlexOffers works together with 12k advertisers across 65 networks. They include over 75k publisher programs. I am certian that anyone can find a product for their niche. 

Another big affiliate marketing platform is ShareASale. ShareASale is part of Awin, as well a known affiliate marketing platform. At ShareASale you can join as a merchant, an agency or as an affiliate. According to their website, ShareASale generated 182m sales in 2020. 

Affiliate Marketing Spending 2010 to 2022

8# Buy or start a blog

How do you make a little extra cash through blogging? Of course, this project requires a lot of time and effort.

However, you can make incredibly high incomes by promoting a site through affiliate advertising. You can also buy a website that has existed for a few years.

This is a great benefit: It allows you to profit from existing traffic and cash flows.

One of the #1 marketplaces to buy a blog is Flippa.

Flippa is a global online marketplace to buy and sell online businesses and digital assets.

It’s where online business owners meet to trade assets, from Ecommerce stores, blogs, SaaS companies, mobile apps, social media accounts, newsletters and other online businesses. 

9# Utilize Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)

REITs are fancy terms for real reinvestment trusts or companies operating income-producing properties that own real property or finance. They are traded by public companies on exchanges or private.

What's good about these shares is that you can place money on them like a typical investor. As a result, no one requires much money to start a REIT.

A minimum investment of $5 or lower is possible for investors utilizing a publicly-traded REIT.

Our favorite platform for investing in REITs is Fundrise. The website only needs $500 to be invested, and there are also many other options that customers love too!

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)


10# Sell vintage clothing online

It is advisable to avoid buying old clothes as a passive income option because they could get broke or take less time to sell (a risk you may face).

However, you can also create an e-commerce website through social networks such as Facebook and Instagram and share the work with other people.

Even better – if you find a highly sought-after product by the local market, you can turn them into pop-up stores around you.

11# Buy an ATM

You may not know that ATMs actually provide passive income sources. For example, some businesses allow customers to use a bank ATM at the residence for about $500.

You pay between $1500 and $1000 each. Ensure that the ATM is authorized in the area of residence before purchasing. Some of these requirements require licenses.

Once installed, there will be no need for much other than collecting funds.

Source: ATM Depot

12# Own vending machines

In pandemic years entrepreneurs saw booming activity in this niche. Vending machines were a bandwagon in which solopreneurs gained some residual money.

But is passive income possible for a beginner?

A typical stall in an excellent area will cost you anywhere from $25 to $100 monthly. This is a very nice amount.

So multiply that to 100 POS machines in premium stores, or about $500 a day!

Vending Machine Business


13# Rent out extra space in your home

This is an excellent alternative to a passive income for aspiring landlords. In addition, using unused rooms is an option to sell your property to tenants.

It is possible to make extra cash while building equity equally efficiently. But, obviously, it will require some research to find the right renter!

You can search Airbnb or other rental sites to locate a tenant on their site.

14# Invest in rental properties

Renting properties is one of the easiest ways to earn monthly income. However, for this to become completely passive, it is possible to outsource ownership of the property to a management firm.

Through the internet it is also possible to make the purchase of property more convenient.

There are many options available to rent your home depending upon your interests.

For example, you can work on a large commercial or residential property, rent a home online or buy it from a local broker!

Investing in single-family houses is a more traditionally based path of the property supporting that reflects rootstock.

Most competitive buyer’s market

Upfront investment property is a property that is purchased at the initial cost to make money through future sales or rents.

Adding rented properties as investments is an excellent source of passive income. You might also purchase rental properties to collect monthly rents.

And your tenants pay the mortgages, and therefore, your rents are on the rise!

15# Dropshipping

This is another business model which is relatively easy to create and requires minimal effort from your side.

Dropshipping consists of working with suppliers that will ship directly to your customer for you.

After that, it's all just creating and submitting your items in Oberlo's Dropshipper Shop and listing the things you wish to purchase.

How Does Dropshipping Work

16# Sell stock photos 

You can easily take amazing photographs if you have an excellent camera. But before investing in a camera, try taking pictures with your mobile.

How about using these talents to sell images online and on? Macro stock photographers usually acquire photos from the internet.

The cost per photo a user downloads depends on the website, and the image can get $300.

Have you ever wondered what website or magazine gets the best photos?

They can be purchased from photo sites. If you enjoy photographing, you can upload pictures on the Stock Photos website to be compensated each time you buy them.

The most common marketplace in stock photo selling is DepositPhoto. You may upload photos for a fee if someone wants them.

In fact, look for this fantastic story from a scholarship candidate who made photography an investment business.

17# Make Money Through a Money Making App

Investing passively in an app increases business opportunities for people who want a passive income.

This app usually allows people to make money by video-streaming tasks or to shop online.

The more active you are on this app, the greater the chance of making more money.

Mobile App Development Statistics And Predictions For 2021

18# Practice peer-to-peer lending

P2P lending consists of lending money to people who typically do not have access to conventional lending sources.

You can also choose a loan provider and distribute your investments to help reduce your risk.

PeerStreet has become a top-performing lending platform. However, the loan is primarily used in real estate, so be aware of this fact.

Search for PeerStreet Reviews.

This really helps a person lend a lot and gets a return for the money. Median earnings per share are 4.1%.

These are higher returns than most funds today. Look up alternative CDs.

It becomes an easy way for investors to create passive income from these loans. In this case, you can borrow directly from an investor rather than a bank.

You'll expect returns to be within the 4-6 % range, which is good for you. But, of course, higher returns also lead to higher risks.

19# Start your own podcast

How can I make money through passive income from podcasting? You can discuss anything you need, share original opinions, and sell advertising and digital products.

You can download Anchor to record your podcast or access free services like SoundCloud or Spreaker.

Global Podcast Statistic

Source: Statista

20# Get in on the Virtual Office Craze

Several COP-19 closing events have caused virtual office construction, and firms have almost flooded the market.

As a result, telecommuting will come to your location and become one of the best passive income strategies.

21# Licensing Music

Like stock photographs, you can license your music and earn a royalty for the use. Music can sometimes be used for YouTube videos, commercials, or other purposes.

With increasing numbers of YouTube videos and podcasts, the popularity of music continues to grow.

You have to put your songs into libraries so people can see them.

22# Pay off or reduce debts

Like repaying a mortgage, you can increase your net worth and make money. Just like with most of these things, it requires monetary investment.

When you pay your debt, you can get a straight payment in one easy way. Taking the 10% interest card off will give you 10% of your balance.

The amount will be enormous.

There are two options for debt: Refinancing or Consolidation or transferring balances and paying them back.

If you have student loans, it might be worth refinancing. You can test it on Credible for two minutes. No credit checks are required.

23# Invest in student income-sharing agreements

Income-Share Agreements are alternatives to student loans. ISAs pay students tuition for an amount they can receive from future money.

Can someone fund an ISA program that will be administered?

Private investors or university funds are available. Investors basically place an investment into the prospects of students.

It is most commonly seen in computer science colleges and trade school programs; however, it is becoming more popular.

Edly offers the possibility for ISA investments.

There are two ways of investing - you can invest in one or more notes or have them placed in another. In some cases, it is impossible to get any new messages available for the investment.


24# Refinance your mortgage

This is unusual compared with passive income articles, but refinancing your mortgage could save you a large sum of income.

I think there is essentially some gain.

The rate remains near historical lows today, so you can look into the mortgage rates - and you have not even seen the mortgage rates.

The more you save on your loan, the more money you could be putting in your bank account. We prefer to compare loan rates with Lendingtree.

You can also visit these lending websites.

25# CD Ladders

Building a CD Ladder requires getting CDs of deposit from the bank to get higher returns.

Banks provide a CD-like product, and since it has little or no risk, the investments have no returns.

It's the perfect solution for risk-averse people. Tell me about the process to achieve a five-year CD ladder?

If CDs look complicated, use a traditional high yield account or money market fund instead.

26# Annuities

Annuities are purchased for a fixed price and provide a passive income for life.

The term for annuities is varied and not consistently quite as excellent, and a professional can assist you in buying one. These investments do not suit everyone.

However, if one has no risk tolerance for loss or is looking for passive income, it is an exciting option for a portfolio.

27# Sell digital products

Investing in time is a financial investment in advance — Investing money in advance. These can be downloaded via a web browser like the PDF reader, template, or template file.

Digital products offer a good income source because they generate good profits. The assets can be bought one time and sold on eBay repeatedly.

Neither storage nor stocking is required.

Many creators increase their incomes by selling kits, printable books, and other tools that professional users may use.

And the best thing is, you do not need to develop your own product yourself. Leave this to the people who are dedicated in doing that. You just go ahead and buy Private Label and Resale Rights Licenses, PLR. 

One of those PLR providers is IDPLR. In the market since 2008, IDPLR offers more than 12,590 PLR products. From eBooks, videos, graphics, templates, articels and audios, I would be surprised if you can not find something in your niche at IDPLR.

Another one, PLR Blowout, currently offers 55 products with 100% Private Label Rights for only $27. Check out their offer here.

Source: PLR Blowout

28# Sell handmade goods

As 4.6 billion people access the internet, the chance of building online businesses can be overwhelming. The worldwide web offers many different types of online sales.

Some niches, such as games and handmade items, are offered, while others sell anything.

The initial purchase is twofold. First, it will require money and time to make and sell DIY goods such as ceramics and clothes.

Selling Handmade Goods


29# Rent out your car

There is no limit on what you can use for passive income. You could even rent your car to Turo.

If you already used the Uber vehicle, you could get paid using Carvertise and Wrapify. You can find another person looking for car rentals with Uber or Lyft.

Alternatively, if your car is running, you can watch an upcoming Netflix series in your free time.

30# Become an Instagram influencer

Investing time and resources in a business is an investment that makes an income.

Though you don't have chisel abs or over 200 million social followers, you can make money through passive income via Instagram.

For Instagram influencers, someone with a good idea to influence others to buy something you like.

For example, do you have an interest in comic books? You could also start using Instagram to post regularly on Marvel and DC shows.

Influencer Marketing

Source: Neil Patel

31# Make Money while shopping online

Cashback rewards websites such as Swagbucks, MyPoint, and Rakuten give you a way to collect money online.

Once you have signed in, you don't even need to register on the site to make money. The more you shop online, the better your chances are.

The higher the income. A cautionary note: do not exceed the monthly spending budget.

Best Online Shopping Sites In USA


32# Create a print-on-demand store

This involves working with White Label products such as t-shirt prints, backpacks, or books customized for sale per order from the supplier.

Like dropshipping, you just buy your goods after they're sold. It is not necessary to buy in bulk.

How Does The Print On Demand Business Work

32 Passive Income Ideas You Can Choose From To Make Money In 2022

Not sure how and where to start with your business?

Check out what other visitors read: 5 recommendations to start your online business successfully and my guide to be successfully self-employed.

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